Choosing the Best Bike Rack for a Small Apartment

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Storing a bicycle in a small living space requires a good indoor bike rack and a bit of consideration on where to mount it. Choosing the best bike rack for a small apartment begins with exploring some of the best options available.

I will share some of the bike racks that are ideal for small apartment living. When done right, storing a bike can also function as decor for a small space.

Fortunately, there are some great options available for indoor bike racks. Let’s explore some of these below.

The Best Bike Rack for a Small Apartment

If you’re in a hurry, here are links to our favorite bike racks. We go into more detail about why we like them later on in this article.

Pro Bike Tool Bike Wall Mount$$ (Check the latest price)
Steadyrack Bike Racks$$$ (Check the latest price)
Sparehand Q-RAK II$$ (Check the latest price)

Pro Bike Tool Bike Wall Mount

In terms of wall-mounted bike racks, the Pro Bike Tool brand offers a good option for bike storage. It is made of steel and has a scratch-proof coating. The arm cradles are made of soft TPR rubber material which is designed not to scratch or scuff your bike.

It includes instructions on how to mount as well as mounting screws. Mounting requires a solid stud, beam, masonry, or concrete wall. This bike rack can support a wide number of bike sizes and handlebar widths.

Overall, this is a solid rack that can accommodate most bicycles (22kg / 48.5 lbs weight load.)

Pro Bike Tool

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Steadyrack Bike Racks – Classic Rack

This is a vertical storing bike rack versus a horizontal storage rack. Once it is installed, it is easy to hang your bike and move to the side in either direction.

The rack is made of steel and UV treated. It can hold up to 35 kg and has a unique 160-degree pivot. Storing your bike on the rack is a matter of placing the front tire on the rack.

Tire specs are 2.4″ maximum tire width and 20″ – 29″ recommended wheel diameter. It can accommodate Road, Gravel, Hybrid and some Mountain Bikes.

Although this particular rack is often seen demonstrated in a garage, it is still an ideal bike rack for a small apartment.

Unlike most horizontal bike racks, this one can be mounted almost anywhere.

Steadyrack Bike Racks – Classic Rack

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Sparehand Q-RAK II Floor-to-Ceiling Freestanding Adjustable Bike Rack

If you prefer not to mount your bike rack to a wall, then this Sparehand Q-RAK II floor-to-ceiling bike rack is the solution you are seeking.

It is capable of storing up to two bicycles with a maximum weight capacity of 80 lbs. This bike rack works by using an adjustable tension pole that can extend up to 10 feet.

That means no tools are required to set up this rack. Follow the instructions and extend the tension poles between your floor and ceiling.

You can save floor space by placing this rack anywhere in your apartment that is out of the way. Since this is not a wall-mounted rack, if you need to move it to another area of your living space it is easy to do.

Sparehand Q-RAK II

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How to Make the Choice Easier for a Small Apartment

The right bike rack can free up a lot of space for storing your bicycle in a small apartment. Making a decision is made easier by considering what is required for any particular bicycle rack.

There are pros and cons to wall-mounted bike racks. The pros of course is freeing up space and staying organized.

A con to these wall-mounted versions in an apartment is finding a wall that is convenient for storing and also has a stud to secure the rack to.

If you do not want to deal with mounting a rack to a wall in your apartment, floor racks or a floor-to-ceiling rack are ideal options.

Floor-to-ceiling bike racks don’t require any tools so it is easy to move it anytime you want should you need to store your bike elsewhere.

You may consider a wall-mounted bike rack if you also want to store your bike for decor purposes. For example, if you want to proudly display your bike in a common area of your apartment such as your living room.

That being said, let’s recap:

  • Do you have a stud to mount a wall-mounted rack?
  • Is a wall-mounted bike rack for decor purposes as well?
  • Do you want to hang your bike horizontally or vertically?

Something else to consider is whether or not you want to deal with un-mounting your bike rack should you move out of your apartment.

What About Floor Bike Racks?

Floor racks are also an option but won’t necessarily store your bicycle out of the way. The benefit of floor bike racks is that there is nothing to mount and they are portable.

You can use them indoors or outdoors. If your goal is to store your bicycle so that you can gain some space back in your apartment, floor racks are not the best choice.

However, they may be a good additional rack to have if you want to keep your bike from leaning up against a pole or tree when you’re outside of the home.

Closing Thoughts on Choosing the Best Bike Rack for a Small Apartment

A majority of bike racks are affordable. Many range anywhere from $45 to $150. As for myself, I prefer the floor-to-ceiling bike rack option.

I like the idea of not having to drill into any walls and it is easy to move around if needed. Also, I don’t have a lot of tools to work with so items that don’t require any tools are ideal for our living space.

However, wall-mounted bike racks do make it convenient to store a bicycle out of the way as well as creating a design statement.

In the end, you’ll have to consider the size of your living space, whether or not it is ideal to mount a rack or if a non-mounting rack is the best option.


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