How to Choose a Kitchen Island for a Small Apartment

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A kitchen island is helpful even in a small apartment. It can add counter space as well as storage space. Fortunately, there are smaller sized kitchen islands that can work in a small space.

It is a good idea to measure the area where you want to place your island. Many of these small kitchen islands come in a variety of sizes.

Knowing the dimensions of your space will help determine the ideal dimensions for your island. Below, you will find some cool options that are available to buy.

Kitchen Island for a Small Apartment Options

I was really surprised at the many options available for small kitchen islands. They are available in small sizes and made of various materials.

Some have ample storage space and some are minimal in design. A majority of them have wheels for easy mobility.

Extra Small Kitchen Island

If you are in an extra small living space, there are extra small kitchen islands that you can consider. For example, the Origami Folding Kitchen Cart (pictured below) is an excellent example of such an island.

It is functional as an extra food-prep space and it is completely foldable if you want to store it away when not in use.

Origami Folding Kitchen Cart

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This particular kitchen island weighs 35 pounds and its dimensions are 25.3” W x 19.8” D x 36.2” H. You can place up to 100 lbs on this island.

There are also two shelves for storage of dishes or cookware.

Besides using it as extra counter space, it is multipurpose and can be used as a portable bar or used outdoors by the pool or grill.

Rolling Kitchen Carts

These are the most common compact kitchen islands you can choose from. You can explore the various sizes that are available.

The rolling bamboo kitchen cart below is an ideal island. It is perfect for food prepping and serving. The additional storage areas are also helpful as it includes ample space for dishes, pots & pans, etc., as well as two drawers.

Rolling Bamboo Wood Kitchen Island Cart

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This particular kitchen island is made from sustainably sourced, kiln-dried, and varnished bamboo. It weighs 44 pounds and its dimensions are 29 x 21.5 x 35 inches.

Bamboo is a strong, long-lasting wood which makes this kitchen island almost perfect.

Small Stationary Kitchen Islands

If you do not prefer wheels on your kitchen island, you can consider several options that are stationary.

The good news is that there are stationary kitchen islands that are also small in size. Below is a good example of a small, stationary kitchen island.

Casual Home Sunrise (Small) with Solid Maple Top Kitchen Island

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These are ideal if you do not need your island to be multipurpose. While still small enough to be moved around, these models are ideal to stay in one place.

You can find these models with open storage space or enclosed storage space.

Stainless Steel Work Tables

Do you want a stainless steel option? There are some great options out there. You can choose one with or without wheels and in various sizes.

What is great about some of these stainless steel options is that they come in extra small sizes as pictured below:

Z GRILLS Stainless Steel Prep Work Table

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I think stainless steel looks and works great in most kitchen environments. They are great for food prepping and easy to clean.

A Small Kitchen Island Can Be Functional and Decorative

I think it is great that manufacturers take into consideration the need for small kitchen islands. They can definitely enhance even the smallest living space.

Small apartment living doesn’t mean that you cannot have the extra counter space, storage space, and food prep space that larger kitchens have.

Besides being functional, many kitchen islands also serve as home decor. When not in use, they can serve as an accent piece.

Whether you add items to your island for decorative purposes or leave it plain as is, it can still add to your overall interior design.

Decor Ideas for a Kitchen Island

Even though your small kitchen island won’t have a lot of surface space to decorate like the larger options, you can still be creative with it.

Some decor ideas can include:

  • a simple vase with flowers
  • bowl of fruit
  • nice set of bowls or plates
  • a candle
  • serving tray
  • bottle of wine
  • neatly folded kitchen towels

When decorating a small island, simple is better. Try not to clutter the little space you have.

How to Choose the Best Small Kitchen Island for Your Space

Now that you have learned about some of the awesome options that are available, it is time to figure out which option is best for your space.

As mentioned earlier, I highly recommend measuring the area you plan on placing your island.

You’ll need to know the dimensions of your space so that you can choose an island that will accommodate your space nicely.

Next, figure out what type of top you want on your island. Do you want it to serve as a cutting board or have it be multipurpose like stainless steel?

Another thing to consider is if you want your island to be mobile. If you want to move it easily from one room to the next, you’ll want to ensure that it has wheels.

Finally, what type of storage space do you want? Some islands have open shelves while others have enclosed storage like cabinets.


Having a kitchen island for a small apartment is completely doable with all of the options that are out there.

Browse around and consider what your needs are. You are sure to find a small kitchen island that is perfect for your small apartment.


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