Where Can I Put a Litter Box in a Small Apartment?

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Thinking about where to put a litter box in a small apartment is a dilemma for many fur baby parents. We had the same issue ourselves. However, we figured out an option that keeps everything tidy for us and our cat.

Depending on the layout of your apartment, there are several places in which you can place a litter box. One ideal option is to place a litter box in a bedroom. A bedroom is an out of the way location from guests and for yourself as you may spend a majority of time in other areas of your apartment.

There are other rooms to consider for a litter box. In fact, you can get quite creative if you have a very limited space. Let’s explore some options below.

Where to Put a Litter Box in a Small Apartment?

We’ve had two fur babies at one time in a small apartment. Our cats were quite different. Our oldest cat was large and needed his own jumbo-sized litter box.

It was difficult to figure out where to put it. We finally decided to place off into the corner of our small dining area (which we never used.)

Our smaller cat had her own litter box which we placed in the bedroom. Although she would use both litter boxes, a majority of the time, she used hers.

After our older cat passed (we miss him so much), we kept our smaller cat’s litter box in the bedroom and it has worked out well.

That being said, a bedroom is a great option for placing a litter box.

Your Bedroom or Spare Bedroom

Even a two bedroom apartment may be considered small depending on the square footage. However, a one bedroom apartment is for sure a smaller space.

Either way, a bedroom is an ideal choice for a litter box. The key is to use a litter box with a lid.

I prefer litter boxes that have a way to open the lid without taking it completely off to clean it.

There are many options now with split lids or with a portion of the lid that lifts up without having to remove the entire thing.

This saves time and the hassle of unlocking the lid and removing it each time you clean the litter.

I clean our kitty’s litter twice a day so having the option to open the lid without removing it has been awesome.

Having a lid on a litter box keeps your cat’s area more tidy. The most I have to do after cleaning the litter is vacuum the mat in which she steps onto after exiting.

Our litter box is the one pictured below. It blends well with our bedroom and is hardly noticeable. It is part of our room.

What is nice about having the litter box in the bedroom is that it is out of the way when we have company. We also spend a bulk of our time in our living room so the litter box is not a big deal in terms of our overall living space.

Your Bathroom

This is another popular option for a litter box if your bathroom’s layout has space for one.

It is a good location because when you’re cleaning your bathroom, you can easily clean the litter box as well.

A bathroom is also a spot that is not cumbersome and since it is where everyone relieves themselves, it makes sense that it also the space where your cat does as well.

The only tricky thing is if your bathroom has room for a litter box with a lid. If not, you’ll have to deal with more in terms of kitty litter mess and smell.

Either way, it’s important to have a mat that your cat can step onto. It will leave less mess on your bathroom floor.

Your Living Room

The living room is not an immediate room that I would consider for a litter box. It may not be for you either. However, there are some really nice litter box enclosures that you can use that blends in with your furniture.

These enclosures look like a piece of furniture themselves so you can place them in your living room or dining area if your apartment layout is limited in space.

Of course, you’ll have to be diligent about cleaning the litter box if you’re going to place it in a common area like the living room or dining room.

These enclosures are great for really small apartments. Since it is like a piece of furniture, it is also functional.

Choosing a Good Litter Box

I don’t recommend going cheap on a litter box. You’ll want one that is durable as you’ll be cleaning it often and a flimsy one will only be annoying.

Amazon carries a large variety of litter boxes at different price points. Our current litter box was around $30 at the time that we bought it.

There are also litter boxes that are self-cleaning. They are a bit expensive and not necessary unless you like the idea of a self-cleaning litter box.

I would also invest in a solid litter scooper. I’ve used those cheap plastic scoops in the past and they all have broken.

Once I got a metal litter scoop, I haven’t had any issues.

Being Tidy

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter to me what size space you’re in, it is important to keep your cat’s litter box and area tidy and clean.

Being in a small space makes tidiness even more important. It is easy for a litter box to smell which can make your small apartment smell as well.

I stay on top of cleaning our cat’s litter box and area morning and night.

Closing Thoughts On Where to Put a Litter Box in a Small Apartment

It may take a bit of trial and error with placement for your litter box, but eventually, you’ll find the ideal spot for your home.

Fortunately, our bedroom has worked out well with our litter box. Having a small space doesn’t mean that you can’t make it work for you and your pet.

Consider all of your options, think about the type of litter box you have or want to get, and it can work out for you.


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